Tenant Information

If you're a tenant with questions, we've got the answers

We get it. Whether you're a seasoned tenant or new to it all, you're bound to have questions about leasing or the moving process. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here to make it easy for you.


1. How do I apply for a property?

Applying for a property is simple. Either complete our online application form or download our tenant application form. All required fields need to be completed – obviously, the more info you provide, the better. All applications must be accompanied by your proof of identification documentation. Once these documents are received, you'll then be considered for the property. A cover letter explaining your situation and offering some information about yourself is also helpful. Click here to be redirected to our Tenant Application Form.

2. Do I have to pay a bond?

Yes. A bond equivalent to four (4) weeks rent is required for all properties. Your bond and the first two (2) weeks rent must be paid before the tenancy commences and we hand over the keys. The bond is then lodged and held for the duration of the tenancy with the Rental Bond Board – a division of Service NSW.

You can ease the pain of paying your rental bond with easyBondpay, a bond loan company. For more info, click here.

Upon vacating the premises, the bond will be refunded once it's confirmed that the property has been left in the same condition as at the commencement of the tenancy, and that there are no outstanding monies owing.

3. Do I have to pay for water?

Yes. Tenants are responsible for paying for all water usage, however, the landlord is responsible for paying the Sewer & Water Levy. We'll send you an invoice quarterly with a copy of the original water account attached. Simply pay these accounts to us just as you would your rent.

4. What happens with electricity, gas & telephone connection?

Once you have been approved for a property, you'll need to arrange connection of electricity and any other services such as gas, internet, phone etc with the supplier of your choice. You can simplify this process with a connection company like Move Me In who take care of all this for you! Contact your Property Manager if you'd like to know more.

And don't forget to disconnect your existing services! This is really important to ensure you are not being billed for when you no longer live there!

5. Will there be inspections?

Yes. You are moving into an expensive asset and it's our role to care for the property as well as for you. After six (6) weeks, we will conduct a quick 'walk through' inspection to ensure you're settling in well and the move has gone smoothly. We'll carry out a routine inspection quarterly thereafter. At the inspections we're checking that the property is being well cared for as it's expected it's maintained in the same condition as at the initial condition report provided at the commencement of the lease. We also take this opportunity to identify any maintenance that needs to be carried out.

If there is anything that you need to address as the tenant, we may need to conduct a 'follow up' inspection to ensure the items that require attention have been rectified.

Seven to fourteen days' notice will be provided of the inspection and access can be gained with our office keys in the event you are unavailable during the inspection.

A final vacate inspection will be undertaken once you have vacated the property to ensure the property has been left in the same condition as at the commencement of your tenancy (allowing for fair wear and tear). We'll also extend an invitation for you to attend this vacate inspection.

6. How do I report maintenance?

We encourage all our tenants to report maintenance issue, even if it's only minor. Simply lodge a request via your secure tenant portal. For any after-hours emergency maintenance, please contact our Principal Jane Blair on 0415265218 with your name, phone number and details of your emergency.

7. Do I need insurance?

Yes. It's your responsibility to insure your belongings (contents) whilst at the premises. This is extremely important and protects you against any loss arising from break-in or inadvertent property damage, such as storm or water damage. It's the responsibility of the landlord to insure the building and fixed contents that remain at the premises such as air conditioners, window treatments etc.

8. Do I have to maintain the gardens?

Yes. Unless specifically excluded in your lease it's your responsibility as the tenant to maintain gardens and grounds. This includes watering, mowing, weeding and edging. Should you have difficulty maintaining your garden please speak to your Property Manager who can organise gardening at minimal expense.

9. How do I get keys?

Once your lease is signed and you've paid your bond in full as well as two weeks rent, you'll be provided with the keys to your property. A duplicate key to all properties is retained by us to allow access for routine inspections, and in case of emergency. Under special circumstances these keys may be borrowed during office hours, however, they must be returned the same day. Duplicate keys may not be collected out of office hours or on public holidays and identification will be required. It's advisable to make private arrangements regarding the location of your spare key should you inadvertently lock yourself out.

Locks may only be changed after obtaining permission from Curtis & Blair Real Estate. In this event, a spare set of keys must be supplied to our office within twenty-four (24 hours).

10. How do I pay my rent?

Rent is paid directly into our licensed Trust Account via the following options;

  • Direct Debit
  • Eftpos
  • Centrepay*

*Curtis & Blair is registered with Centrelink for 'Centre Pay' payment deductions. This enables tenants receiving Centrelink payments to have the rent deducted directly from their payment each fortnight.

11. How do I terminate my tenancy?

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract providing protection for both you and your landlord. If you need to terminate your Tenancy Agreement, it can be done in the following ways;

  • If you have a 'Fixed Term' Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required to give written notice of your intention to vacate fourteen (14) days prior to the expiration of the lease.
  • If you have a 'Periodic' Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required to give written notice of your intention to vacate twenty-one (21) days prior to the expiration of the lease
  • If you need to 'Break' your lease and vacate prior to the end of the term, please contact your Property Manager immediately. In these circumstances you'll be responsible for payment of a break lease fee.

12. What do I do when I vacate the property?

When vacating the premises, it's important that you leave the property in the same condition as at the commencement of your lease. It's a good idea to refer to your 'ingoing inspection report' and relevant photos. Items that are often forgotten to be carried out when moving out include;

  • Ensuring carpets are professionally steam cleaned, especially if pets were at the premises
  • Cleaning ovens, grillers, hotplates and exhausts
  • Cleaning ceiling fans, light fittings and air conditioning vents
  • Cleaning windows, window tracks and flyscreens
  • Removing cobwebs inside and out
  • Mowing and edging the lawns
  • Weeding garden areas
  • Removing rubbish from the premises

Once you have vacated the property and returned your keys, your vacate inspection will be conducted. At this time, your Property Manager will compare the current condition and cleanliness with your original inspection report and photos. Any items that have been missed will then be discussed with you and we'll determine the next course of action to complete the vacate to appropriate standard. When all items are restored to their original condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) and all outstanding monies have been paid (or deducted from the bond), the bond refund will be lodged.

Remember to finalise your electricity, gas and telephone accounts, and organise mail redirection when you vacate the property.

13. Further questions?

Your Property Manager and our office staff are here to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to contact us.