Leanne White

Office Administrator

About Leanne

Leanne White is the ground control of the Curtis & Blair office. She is just like Mary Poppins - she swans in, kicks some butt, saves the day then gently saunters off and disappears into the clouds. No matter how busy her workload is, she’s always on top of everything and it’s where it needs to be.


Leanne shies away from the limelight. She is more in her element operating the engine room instead. Everything just feels harmonious when Leanne is a part of it. She is a real cool cat – always calm, collected and organised and never seems to get stressed. She is supportive, encouraging and always gives her undivided attention, even when she has a multitude of things going on. She really is the office “Mum” ready with a bandaid whenever it’s needed.


Her wicked sense of humour and spark for life is simply infectious and rebounds off everyone who surrounds her.


Cat or dog person


Tea or Coffee


Favourite all time movie

A Star is Born – (Cooper/Gaga)

Celebrity Crush

Combine Chris Hemsworth/Brad Cooper/Clint Eastwood/Brad Pitt & Luke Perry and you have the perfect celebrity crush

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