About Lacey

The Queen of Communication with a thirst for knowledge and a knack for initiating productive solutions, Lacey is our Property Management secret weapon.

Honest and reliable, with meticulous attention to detail, Lacey is known for her love of a challenge and her quest for efficiency in every aspect of her role. Having been a long-time tenant in the past and now a homeowner, she appreciates the priorities of both landlords and tenants. This gives her an edge when communicating and negotiating to reach an agreed-upon solution to any situation. A stickler for dotting i’s and crossing t’s, Lacey will always follow up a phone call with clarification in writing to ensure open and clear communication.

In addition to her passion for photography and cooking, Lacey also has an outdoorsy spirit and lives life to the fullest with her young family. Reigning from Darwin, with quite some stories to tell, she brings a fresh and unique approach to managing property on the East Coast. She’s truly a team player, dependable, self-sufficient and highly motivated to assist clients and colleagues wherever possible. Yep, we scored when Lacey joined the team!

Disclaimer: Lacey is our official Crocodile handler…seriously! She knows everything about them and is someone you want close by when faced with a 5.5-metre saltwater crocodile.


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