Kayla Behan-Smith


About Kayla

A ball of energy with the attention of a wide-eyed meerkat eager to learn, Kayla’s pure-hearted approach to property management is refreshing.

Sporting a heart of gold, Kayla harbours no flowery ego and has a fuss-free, can-do approach with a truly impressive work ethic. She’s energetic, has an open mind and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck right in. Armed with skills developed in previous customer-facing roles, Kayla’s ability to network is second nature. She’s full of zest, highly approachable, committed, and loves a chinwag.

Carving out a career in property management takes grit and attention to detail, and Kayla bursts with it. Oozing with quiet confidence, she’s often complimented on her willingness to listen, help, and act. Already studying for your real estate certificate, her daily goal is to make others feel welcome and at home.

Kayla loves exploring the outdoors in her downtime, getting out kneeboarding, or going to the beach for the sand and surf. She’s also kept busy walking and playing with her three Matese/Schitzus, whose energy levels are not too dissimilar to her own.

Disclaimer:  Her favourite dog is Max - but don’t tell the others!



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